During your stay with Brad Rolston African Hunting in South Africa, you will be treated to world class accommodation, as well as a top quality dining experience in any one of our camps. Meticulous emphasis, and attention is placed on the comfort and convenience of our guests at all times, while offering the very best Southern African experience available. Accommodations range from traditional East African type tented camps, to luxury four star approved luxury lodges.
While in camp, your catering needs will be taken care of by one of our gourmet chefs, along with his compliment of staff. Many of the meals will consist of local and regional specialties prepared from the game animals and birds harvested during the hunt. Other dishes will be prepared to your specific requirements and all of your special dietary requirements will be met. Communication with Brad Rolston African Hunting, prior to your hunt will ensure that all of your personal requirements, regarding food and drink preferences, are met.
Alcoholic beverages are available from our fully stocked bar and there is a plentiful supply of drinking water, fruit juice and sodas as well as tea and coffee throughout the day. To compliment your meals we carry an excellent selection of red and white South African wines. Most brands of imported liquor are available in South Africa, and will be provided if requested.
For your convenience a laundry service is provided daily to minimize clothing requirements while on safari. Your clothing will be washed and ironed on a daily basis.
The pictures below are some of the camps used by Brad Rolston African Hunting, in one of the five geographic areas where hunts are conducted.

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