The list of people whose profiles appear below, include Professional Hunters and Outfitters, who are from time to time involved in joint ventures with Brad Rolston African Hunting. Also included are Doctors, Attorneys as well as other Professionals with whom Brad Rolston is befriended, shares a common interest with, or consults with should the need arise. All of the people mentioned are themselves, dedicated sport hunters.


BSc Agriculture (Animal Science & Animal Physiology), US, RSA
BSc (Hons) Agric (Nature Conservation), US, RSA

Looking at his qualifications, you would probably expect Jan to be a Professor, or Senior Lecturer at a top university. While highly qualified, Jan chose to follow his heart, and is a registered Professional Hunter, and a permanent resident of Namibia. He is also a member of  NAPHA, PHASA and SCI, and has been involved in the hunting industry for 15 years. He is a Master Measurer for SCI, and an Official Measurer for Rowland Ward.

Like most Professional Hunters, and Sport Hunters around the world, Jan also has his preferences, and favorites, which he specializes in hunting on a regular basis. His love and passion Leopard hunting.

Leopard Hunts in Jan’s areas in Namibia are conducted on hundreds of thousands of acres of land, throughout the country. Along with one of the finest houndsmen, and pack of hounds in Africa, the success rate on Leopard hunts is well over 90%. This is an achievement which has been accomplished by very few specialists in the sport of Leopard hunting over hounds.


Many experienced outfitters will tell you that the Leopards in South Africa have Doctor’s Degrees in avoiding Professional Hunters and their clients. The success rate in South Africa is significantly lower than Namibia, partly due to the fact that hunting over hounds in South Africa is not permitted by law. Baiting of these magnificent predators is the only option available.

All Leopard hunts conducted by , are done as a joint venture with Jan in Namibia. These exciting hunts are done on foot, along with a houndsman and his group of 15 hounds. There are no nights spent in a blind, “Watching a piece of meat fall to pieces”.

For the Sport Hunter considering a Leopard hunt over hounds, please contact Brad Rolston African Hunting for full details regarding one of these specialized hunts. You will be provided with trophy photos from previous hunts, camp pictures, specific details of the area where the hunt will be conducted, and any other questions you have will also be answered.



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